A safe but effective introduction to gym exercise and weight lifting, as a tailored fitness program. Whatever your level of fitness or experience in exercise, you'll receive everything you need to achieve your goals, whether it be weight loss, or weight gain, to gain muscle mass or lean definition. Let me introduce to you my Frame Recomp Program! You will be coached into learning the ins and outs of Weight lifting for the sole purpose of gaining strength and lean muscle definition which is great for improved metabolism, body posture and confidence, increased strength and power. You shall learn exercises and how to perform like ●Traditional back squats-Builds full body strength and increases lean muscle mass ●Deadlifts-Develops explosive power and increases testosterone! ●Overhead press-Improves posture and upper body strength! ●Pullups and Chinups-Improves agility, upper body strength and will give you big biceps! ●Bench press-Youll look very brave with a big chest! Not only this but will have a bespoke training protocol, which is a tailored program specific to your anatomy and needs of demand!

Plan Includes

  • Posture Analysis

  • Bespoke Exercise program

  • Macronutrient advice And nutrition information

  • Optional Recipe recommendations

  • Certificates of Achievement

  • Progress Album

  • Nutrition PDFS

  • Explanatory exercise PDFS

  • Access to Friday nights gym based boxing session conducted by yours truly! (For members at PureGym only)

  • And of course, your brilliant results!

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How it works

  • Book an online consultation via the website
  • Sign up and onboard to the app
  • Make the one-off payment of £299 (online only)
  • To reduce excess CNS fatigue it is recommended that you prioritize your sessions of exercise to comply with a 1 day on, 1 day off protocol each week.
3 months

One Time Payment


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