Gym Intro

A safe but effective introduction to gym excersise and weight lifting, as a tailored fitness program. Whatever your level of fitness or experience in excersise, youll receive everything you need to achieve your goals Whether it be weight loss, or weight gain, to gain muscle mass or lean definition, jumping higher or increase reps, with me by your side you will achieve the result you seek! Let me introduce to you my Gym Intro Program!

Plan Includes

  • Scheduled Template workout that can be adapted and tailored to you or just left how it is

  • Macronutrient advice and meal scheduling

  • Specified number of face to face coaching and support per week specified by yourself

  • An initial assessment via video chat or face to face

How it works

  • Pick a duration
  • Receive a workout schedule based on your preferred amount of session days
  • You'll receive nutritional guidance and support, either a scheduled tailored meal plan, kcal plan, or based on set amounts of macronutrients to be consumed daily.
  • You commence and complete your program at your local gym
  • You will receive online support and face to face coaching
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