Sometimes training by yourself is lonely, being in a group of like minded individuals gives you that motivation and buzz that you just dont get when your by yourself. Notice when solo training your only sense of motivation is the tunes blasting in your ears, and maybe a picture of your future self? Join this group plan so you and your buddies can have a blast at fitness together! Have a laugh and keep each other accountable. You'll see results quicker and be more efficient at reaching your goals too. Price is per group, and paid in one amount for the two months of group fitness training.

Plan Includes

  • Virtual coaching given to the group via zoom or Google hangouts if required

  • Nutritional guidance for each person via the app

  • Face to face coaching in a group setting at the gym

  • An all together featured schedule showcasing specific days and frequency of workouts, nutrional guidance, water intake, calories to consume and calories burned, accommodating each person's weekly commitments

  • Tracked steps via fit bit tracker connect

  • Online support via in app chat within business hours 9am-0.00am

How it works

  • This plan is great for groups of 2-5 people
  • A demonstration of the App is given
  • Complete an intial assessment as a group to gauge capabilities either online or face to face
  • Each person receives a tailored workout and schedule specific to their individual needs and goals.
  • Workouts are delivered with support by myself or without via the app,
  • Workouts are performed either in the gym or at home. Support via video chat or face to face
  • Online checkins performed once a week via the app for each person to track progress and achievements
  • Reps and/or sets and workouts can be changed each week for variety, and based on progressions in strength, fitness and conditioning
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