Gym based boxing

Pack some punch into your weekend winddown with a enthralling boxing session! Bring a towel and a drink to keep that engine going, just keep your dukes up and keep throwing Punches! From traversing multi station circuits to tackling all out punch bouts on a tolerant punch bag, your fitness goals, and appetite for fun will be met! All whilst listening to upbeat, heart stomping music blaring in the background!

Plan Includes

  • 1 hr boxing fitness session onsite

  • Refreshments

  • Plenty of space

How it works

  • Your at liberty to pop in on a Saturday evening at 16.00 and have a 30minute taster session
  • After the session, I'll take down your details, an email and/or contact number
  • All future sessions after this will be at a affordable price.
  • £7.50 for 30 minutes
  • £15.00 for 1hr
monthlySave 87%



1 day

One Time Payment